"My interest in jazz, improvisation, avant-garde and non-European music was already growing continuously before and during my music studies. After concluding my classical flute studies, at first I exclusively played improvised music and Flamenco. I then studied jazz composition and arrangement, had private composition lessons with various teachers, taught myself overtone singing, got into vocal improvisation and performance, played didgeridoo excessively and composed for the theatre, big band arrangements, orchestral pieces and chamber music.For many years, as a flautist and vocal performer, I focused on the development and perfection of new playing and singing techniques. I wanted to amass the largest possible vocabulary of sounds, which could then be put to good use in improvisations or my own compositions. Thus experimentation with instrument and voice became an integral part of my musical endeavours.Whilst developing the music for my solo CDs HELIX FELIX and CIRCULAR HOCKET, I discovered something akin to my own style of music."